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Soil Testing

As part of our commitment to deliver a one stop shop to all of our clients, Soils and Stone are also able to provide soils testing services. So, if you are taking muck away from site or putting topsoil in, soil testing will assess the contaminants or nutrients within the material.

Using the latest soil testing technology, soil analysis will look at the key nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as secondary and minor nutrients including aluminium, copper, zinc and iron. Other parameters included in the analysis are acidity, petroleum and oil based contaminants and pesticides/herbicide.

For landscaping projects, soil testing will also indicate pH levels and therefore impact the choice of fertiliser or other essential soil nutrients.

With the correct analysis in place, Soils and Stone will source the most efficient method of removal and disposal of your waste. Or, in the case of topsoil, what other nutrients you may need to include.

To find out more about Soils and Stone soil testing or to discuss your individual requirement, contact our in house team today.

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