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Acidic Topsoil                    

Knowing the pH of your soil is essential.  Why?, because soil pH effects the availability of nutrients within the topsoil and different plants need different levels nutrients to grow and thrive.  Put the plant in the wrong soil and you can restrict growth and develop disease!

Topsoil pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a soil is.  If the pH of the topsoil has a value of less than 7 it's acidic.  If it’s more than 7 then the topsoil is alkaline at 7, the topsoil is neutral.  Acidic topsoil is in high demand because certain trace elements are only available at a lower pH.  However, due to its nature, acidic topsoil has limited availability.

Soils and Stone are able to supply and deliver a naturally occuring acidic topsoil that conforms to the requirements of BS3882:2007 acidic topsoil (where pH must be below 5.5).  This is suitable for acidic demanding species such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Magnolias.

Our acidic topsoil is available loose and a variety of delivery options are available.  Please contact the topsoil team to discuss your individual requirements.

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